Monday, September 30, 2013


Yesterday in the midst of a very busy ministry day, I had an awesome opportunity thanks to our high school staff. I asked a couple of months ago if there was a way for me to meet with high school students that are interested in pursuing a career in full-time ministry. What we came up with was a "pizza with the pastor" event right after our third service yesterday morning. We ate some pizza and I told a little about my ministry journey and then I answered questions they had about going into ministry full time. I love this setting. It brought me back to my youth ministry days when I pastored students all the time. I love teen-agers! They are really thoughtful and ready to learn and ask questions. They asked everything from how long it takes to write a sermon to whether or not math is required for a ministry degree from school. We laughed together and spent about an hour and a half talking ministry and I walked away feeling great about this generation of Eastview Christian Church. I remembered how many preachers influenced my young life for ministry and I asked God if he might not allow me to be an example of faithful stewardship to these 36 students. I'm praying for them today-that somehow God will help them see past their personal limitations and into His great strength in their weakness. God has shown me over time that my limitations are most often used to point to God's great work in an ordinary guy like me. I'm convinced that same thing is true in the lives of all who sense a calling to do God's work.

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Bob W said...


Our son mistakenly told us that yesterday was the organizational meeting for the DR trip, so we stumbled into your meeting, and I hope you don't mind that we stayed! It was awesome of you to share your time with the kids, and it was even more awesome to see such a large number sincerely interested in exploring a life in ministry! Praise Him!