Monday, September 16, 2013

Small Groups Rule

Here's to small groups! I know, just like the church they are imperfect, but when you see what I saw last night as we begin to embark on another all church study together, you can't help but be a fan of small groups. I happen to believe that small groups are biblical, practical, and theologically effective. Biblically, we know of many people who had others meet in their homes for church. And while many think that in fact the whole church was represented here, I can point to many public and large gatherings in the first church (not to mention the word we translate as church - "ekklesia" comes from a word that meant to be called out to public assembly). So there were small groups in the Bible. Practically, small groups are a great way to get people in the same spiritual growth and life stages to find true fellowship and accountability. Theologically, small groups encourage many gifts (hospitality, encouragement, service, teaching, etc...) to be used in a broad way and give opportunity for ministering to one another in an intimate setting. So, last night when I walked around and saw nearly 500 small group leaders gather for training and then hundreds of first time small group participants coming in to be asigned to various groups - my pastor's heart soared. What an opportunity for real partnership in the faith. What an opportunity for spiritual growth both individually and as a church body. What an opportunity for real harmony and unity as we all take a faith step in the same direction. What an opportunity for people to risk teaching, leading, learning and being vulnerable with one another. What an opportunity for us to learn how to share our faith. What an opportunity for those who are lost without Jesus in our community.'s to small groups and what God does through them. For his glory!

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