Monday, November 25, 2013

How God moves

This weekend, especially Sunday was another reminder that God is moving and working all the time. Unfortunately, we often miss God's work by defining it as coincidence and brush it off with a "that was weird". Because God is calling all of us to Him and because He has a plan for everyone; it is evident to me that He is working in all of our lives all the time. Let me give you three examples, which may or may not line up with your theology. At least consider the possibility that God was moving/speaking. 1. I was doing my usual routine Saturday night wondering through the auditorium after I had practiced my sermon and praying for Sunday when suddenly a young man appeared (actually startled me). He said he was looking for his daughter who may have wandered in, but when he re-introduced himself (he reminded me that I had met him 10 years earlier) and I asked him how life was going - I knew God had an appointment in mind! He started crying and talking about his life and we prayed. I told him, God set up this appointment - pay attention God was pursuing. 2. A lady introduced herself after I preached yesterday. It was her first time to Eastview and she is an avid marathon runner. How God ordained was it that the passage from Philippians 3:12ff was about the Christian life as a race and I related it to a marathon of faith all throughout? It was a connection that made this woman feel as though God was speaking to her directly. Cool. 3. A lady came to the cross to tell me that she had been stirring spiritually lately and then she woke up at 1:17. Since she was staying at her brother Mark's house - she turned to Mark 1:17 (yeah, it's not what I would have done either..I would have been mad that I was wide awake at 1:17). Anyway, Mark 1:17 is Jesus' invitation to follow him and she took that as an invitation to go to church for the first time in many years. She was there and wants to follow Jesus, who am I to say that the Spirit didn't call her with a night time wake up call? My point? Watch your relationships, circumstances, and environments today - I'm convinced you'll see God in each of them!

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