Monday, March 22, 2010

season of preaching

Well, I'm having a blast these days with this whole thing God allows me to do called preaching. First and foremost, I love preaching at Eastview each and every week, the series through Luke is everything I thought it would be and more. I'm just so blessed by the weekly encouragements and feedback I get from the congregation these days. To preach here every Sunday is a dream come true (this is what I dreamed of when other kids were dreaming of being firemen, pro athletes and garbage man [I think it's about riding on the back of a truck]).

I'm also blessed at the places God is allowing me to preach around town. Two weeks ago I was privileged to preach at a men's breakfast at Grace Church over on Hovey. Great food and greater bunch of men who want to live for God. Fun stuff. Then this past Saturday I was invited to the family harvest worship center in Bloomington to preach at a monthly ministry to handicapped people in our community. What a blessing to be surrounded by such sincere and loving people. Finally, I've been asked to come and preach at the Good Friday service at Mt. Pisgah again. If you are off work and want to come and worship and hear the word preached from seven different pastors - you're welcome to come.

Finally, our preaching conference kicks off tonight. We have exceeded the number of people we had last year and the momentum and excitement are growing now hours before our event. I'm blessed to join JK Jones and Mark Scott in sharing the Word. Did you hear that? I get to preach to a group of preachers - from five states and over 35 churches at this point! What a rare privilege and honor. Besides that I get to hear two great sermons and hang out with other preachers. It's a good time of refreshment heading into our Easter Sunday. Awesome.


Mike Baker said...

Correction to the Good Friday preaching location...It's MT. MORIAH, not Mt. Pisgah. Just in case you're coming:-)

marla said...

I think the other pastors are lucky they get to hear YOU preach. You have been blessed with a special gift and I have been blessed through you! I remember you shared on your blog (last year?) the text from your Good Friday sermon and it was so moving and totally awesome. Please share it with us again. I sure miss you and Eastview. I hope you have a very Happy Easter!