Monday, March 15, 2010

thumbs down for time change

Here's my list of why I don't like time change (yes I'm complaining, but I'm doing it in a thankful way and I still love Jesus)
1. It ruins the saying, "there are only 24 hours in a day". C'mon 24 hours seems rushed most days - I can not deal with 23!
2. More light in the evening doesn't help in the spring anyway when it's raining all the time.
3. People skip church because the "forget" to set their clocks forward.
4. Staring at the ceiling at midnight because your body thinks it's 11:00 is really boring.
5. God made seasons with different lengths of days for a reason...just leave the daylight thing to the guy who invented daylight.
O.K. enough of that...

Sermon nirvana for me is to be working on three or four sermons simulatneously. Last week I had a sermon for a men's breakfast (for grace church here in town - great time with some great guys) spinning on one plate. While I was studying for Sunday's sermon and putting some final thoughts into my sermon for the upcoming preaching conference we host here at the church (for the second year in a row). If you could see three or four bibles spread every where with commentaries and my lap top on my lap (where else would it be) and a white board with stuff scribbled all over it, and two or three legal pads going in all directions with different Scriptures. It is so fun, I can't tell you...It is amazing that one sermon ever gets written in these kind of sermon sessions, but they actually do and the preacher is inspired! Love it!

Well, I suppose you have filled out your bracket by now...mine's sitting on the desk - Mark Warren (our executive pastor) coordinates the yearly staff picks. Winner gets lunch bought by the loser (really there are no losers on our staff, but you know what I'm talking about). Truth is, I'm not really that stoked because my hoosiers are so far from the tournament it's ridiculous. But I'll get around to it soon. I will tell you this...this may be the year a 16 seed beats a 1. I may have to go for it! Maybe syracuse goes down. We'll see.

Funny how people get excited about this isn't it. The funny thing is that we'll talk about this for three or four days and by mother's day, most of us won't even know who won! Oh well, that's how we humans go. I would write more, but I lost an hour over the weekend...back to work!

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