Monday, March 29, 2010

some clarifications and other stuff

Okay, I messed up last week's blog saying that I am preaching on Good Friday at Mt. Pisgah. Well, it's NOT Mt. PISGAH...It's Mt. Moriah (old high school downtown Bloomington). Again, that's Mt. Moriah 12 noon! I'm preaching on the saying from the cross from John 19 - "woman, behold your son." Come if you get a chance.

Other clarification. I announced yesterday that J.K. Jones is joining our staff on June 1st as the Pastor of Spiritual Formation. I've already had one inquiry as to whether or not he is the guy who will take my place when i leave (I'm serious...can't make this stuff up!). While J.K. will do a good amount of preaching, he is not "the next" guy (unless of course I get taken out by some truck or something - which is totally not planned, but out of my control). I am honored to have him on the team, but we won't be announcing my replacement until around 2025 or so (unless the Mayans are right, then it won't the way, "no" I don't think the Mayan date of 2012 has any significance at all - c'mon people talk about something more important!)

Other stuff: Sunday we open our upper balcony for Easter. The work has been a God thing from the start. You know some Eastview leaders in 1994 had a vision for this facility and by God's grace we get to minister in it. Very humbling stuff.

Had a young man of 8 come up to me yesterday to tell me he wants to be baptized. You'll see that become a reality on Easter if you are here. Tomorrow the motorcycle comes out of the garage..can't wait to ride! Also, I'm back on for the Champaign marathon. After some illness in February I was going to just do the half...but it's full. So, I've been hitting extra miles...should be ready by May 1.

Easter candy: Go for the solid chocolate eggs from Cadbury. The other ones with gooey yolk stuff in the middle is too much for me. My wife favors the marshmallow peeps, but I never had much use for marshmallows that aren't smashed between hershey's bars and graham crackers. Jelly beans..forget about it...waste of mandible exertion.

Man am I all over the board today or what? See you resurrection Sunday


Anonymous said...

well, j.k. might have to take over sooner than you think for two reasons:
1) i might kill announce on your BLOG that you're "back in" for the marathon? without gently breaking the news to me first? you know the guilt of not running it is now going to kill me. grrr...just as with your jeans, you must consult me, didn't you know???
2) you better stinkin' wear a helmet on that bike of yours, michael robert baker, or j.k. might be forced to fill your shoes sooner than later.

all in good fun...i hope you know.

have a great day. love ya.

Mike Baker said...

sorry about not telling you I'm back in. No guilt necessary. Just pray for me.
love ya,

Anonymous said...

The service on Easter Sunday was sooo moving! Thank you for such a wonderful experience!