Thursday, July 21, 2011


well at times my life and my house could be described by this word that I don't even think is real...but yesterday Sara and I went to a real zoo. Yeah...I know I have a reputation for not liking animals...untrue. I like animals just not a big fan (personally) of pets. You are at liberty to have all the critters you want in your house to shed, do their business on the carpet, need walking in 10 degree weather, etc... Just not for me. But a zoo..I'm o.k. with (all right, by o.k. I mean that there's probably not a chance I'd go without sara really wanting to and probably someday with grandkids). Anyway, I am amazed at God's incredible creations. Here are some impressions:

*The lion is the king of the jungle for a reason. He looks like he's in charge and while we were there, he roared and that was impressive (yes I've heard a lion roar before, but I'm just saying...). I see God's strength here....Jesus lion of Judah... I get it!
*Dolphins are amazing (especially when they put on a half hour show in a dome with air conditioning when It's 100 plus heat index). But dolphins are unbelievably athletic I see God's playfulness in them.
*baboons are weird...eating bugs off of their babies...but I see a mother's care and serving one another and God's caring for us in small ways too.
*jelly fish in a tank with ultraviolet lights (or some kind of blue light) are amazing. They are really beautiful as they change shapes and float around. What kind of creativity does our God have?
*Rhinos are tough. The tough skin and the big horn...they just look like they will run you over. Again God's incredible creativity.
*Snakes - can you say Satan? They are slimy and scary and I don't care if they are poisonous or not, I don't want to be around them. I don't like them in cages (or in a room full of cages with lots of snakes). No I don't want to feel one! Hate them like Indiana Jones. I have biblical reason not to like them...hello?! Genesis three. No thanks on the snake exhibits.
*Giraffes....were not out because it was too hot or something...I mean think about it, if they got a sunburn on their neck that would be bad! I really like giraffes and I think they should have made more of an effort. Anyway, I see God's variety in them...though i didn't see it yesterday.
*polar bears are really beautiful creatures (again they were out on a 100 degree day and they are from the North Pole! what's up giraffes?). They are just really pure in their appearance...they look huggable, but don't try that.
*wild dogs. Yeah they had a cage with wild dogs. Kinda weird, but I guess they are a real wild animal....looked more like a hyena to me. Anyway, I have friends with wild dogs...they're called pets!

well, those are the thoughts from my simple brain. No animals were injured in the writing of this blog...just in case you were wondering!

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