Monday, July 25, 2011

preaching in AZ

Long weekend ended yesterday with a drive two hours north with my good friends Cal and Lisa Jernigan to spend some time in the North Az mountains. We sat last night on a deck looking at desert mountains as a storm blew in. The lightning and thunder were incredible and the conversation with good friends was enriching. Every once in a while you get to sit with people who do what you do and understand your challenges and life and struggles and joys without even having to say a word. What a great blessing. I spent the weekend preaching for Cal at four of their nine services in four campuses. the rest of them saw video of me preaching which was recorded on Saturday night. I love this congregation...they are doing such good stuff for Jesus (CCCEVonline). Well, today I started working on my sermon for Sunday and longing for home. But a few more days in the mountain before I get back to Normal.

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Bill C said...

Although we have just started attending Eastveiw, I am astonished at the depth of your team. Pastor Probst reminded us where we've been, then took us to where we are going. ( as always challenging us to change) It has been nice for me to meet your team so quickly. My family and I will be looking forward to your return.
GB Bill C