Monday, September 19, 2011


Well, we don't handle it too well. I heard a guy once say, "the only person who loves change is a baby with a dirty diaper." I can relate to the "baby" part. There are some things that change that I don't like and I usually just pout, but change is a part of life and here are some changes I look forward to:
1. The change of seasons is always perfect for me. Just about the time I'm done with sweating as I sit under a shade tree, we get these cool mornings and evenings that fill the chest with freshness. I love when seasons change..yes even when it's winter!
2. A change of scenery is another change I appreciate. I love when I get a chance to visit somewhere else and take in people or places that I usually can't. Of all people, I can say, Normal is boring sometimes, but when I get away for a bit, coming back to Normal is always welcomed.
3. A change of heart is a beautiful thing. This happens in my dad heart sometimes when I give a snap judgment to something my wife or boys have requested (usually with, "it costs too much money" or "I don't have the time" or "No, because I said so"). Then after a while, as I ponder it turns out that it's not such a bad idea after I have a change of heart. Of course, I love it when someone changes their heart for God most of all.
4. A change of age is something most people don't like, but something I look forward to. I've always wanted to be an old man. Just wise and not caught up with all the stuff we waste our time on in our youth. Plus a grey beard...awesome.

Change is inevitable so it's how we deal with it that matters. Just understand that most of it is in our best interest.

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Dave G said...

Couldn't agree more. I'm usually tired of sweating around June 15. Love to plow snow in the winter. It is always good to travel, but great to be home. I've had some dad moments too. [twin sons will gang up on you!] In regards to gray beard and wisdom, I'm on my way to the gray, when can I expect the wisdom? Can't wait for that change!
Thanks for all you do. Love ya.
Dave G