Thursday, September 8, 2011

one bypass per hour

Well, mom has been in surgery for about two hours. The nurse said they can normally do one bypass every hours so I figure they are about half way done with the bypasses. After two more of those (sounds so easy...huh?) they will begin the work on the valve replacement. This should take another two hours and sounded like it is more complicated. Thanks for all the responses and prayers. I know thousands are praying and that can't be bad! I'll update at least once more today. So far, so good


Lisa said...

Thanks for the update. I've been praying throughout the day today and was wondering how to get an update on her status. Hang in there. Thousands are praying!


Kayte's Prayer Journal said...

Looking for the "Like" Button...wrong form of social media? In constant prayer for you guys!

Bob said...

Thanks for the update Mike! More prayers on the way!

Cheryl N said...

Dear Mike, I'm a nurse and previosly worked in open-heart surgery. I'm praying for the skill and care of the entire team in your mom's room right now, and those will care for her following. Praying for your family as well, that you have comfort during the wait and recovery. Also praying for your sweet mom's heart, that it be healed and whole in every way. God Bless you All, Cheryl