Monday, September 5, 2011


The heart is an organ and a place where we think of our emotional stuff. The heart pumps blood to the body's extremities and the heart is the place where our goodness, or evil, or sadness, or brokenness, etc... reside. Physically, you can't live without it and figuratively who you are comes from it. One can get it's arteries clogged with cholesterol and the other can get clogged with bad thoughts, images and experiences. Of course, the heart that pumps blood can have surgery done to repair it, and the spiritual heart can be repaired through time, counseling and the power of God.

Of course, I'm thinking about the heart this week especially because my mom is going in for heart surgery this Thursday morning (she has a good heart and a bad heart). Her good heart everyone knows. She is the face, the voice, the smile and the encouragement thousands have experienced at the receptionist area at Eastview. She is the unofficial grandma of the church and I can tell you from being around her for 46 years...she has a good heart. She loves people and naturally serves others and generally has a smile. Her outlook is normally positive. She has nurtured goodness in my heart.

But she has a bad heart. Not surprisingly, she didn't recognize some signs that others might have, but her "that's just me getting older" mentality kept her from taking it too seriously. She will have some bypasses and a valve replaced this Thursday and hopefully her physical heart will be good as new...then she'll have two good hearts...if you know what I mean.


Kimberley McIlvoy said...

I love your Mom! She is a beautiful lady! I will pray for her, and her medical team. I trust God will be with her through it all. Please let her know my son, Shayne, and I love her. We will pray for your family too. I know you trust God, but dealing with surgery always is difficult. If we can help please let us know. Praying for y'all, and sending our love.

Kim McIlvoy

Donna said...

Prayers for Susie Baker to have a successful surgery and a smooth, quick recovery. God Bless.

Anonymous said...


My heart goes out to your mom, you and your family. We will praying for her, your family and those that will be caring for her during the surgery and her recovery.

She already gives the best hugs... can't imagine what her hugs will be like with two good hearts!!


Kimberlie Henris said...

No one could have a bigger and more compassionate heart than your mom. She reminds me so much of my own mom. Susie brings a smile to my face every time I speak with her.

Wishing and praying for a speedy recovery!

Lorraine A. said...

Prayers & Blessings to both you & your mom, as well as the doctors and nurses who will be caring for her. May her recovery be swift.

Diane Hinthorne said...

Please let your Mom know that we and many others will be praying, asking the Lord for complete healing. Tell her also that Maria is a relentless (sounds nicer than hounding) prayer warrior and will be faithful in bringing her before the throne of her maker. May He bless each of you!

Lisa said...

Our prayers go out to your mom for a complete and speedy recovery and to the entire family for comfort and peace through this time. Ultimately she is always in God's hands and he can do amazing things. God Bless all of you!

Anonymous said...

i love me some grandma susie and i will be praying!

Debbie Nord said...

There will be so many prayers going out for your mom....she is a very special lady....we will also be lifting her up tomorrow for surgery and for a complete recovery.

Harold and Debbie

Anonymous said...

Praise God that you can start a prayer chain like this!! I hope your mom is feeling the healing power of our prayer already!!