Monday, October 24, 2011

occupy here

Disclaimer: Just to make sure you know my commentary below is not meant to represent either wall street or those opposed to it...really I don't care...I have bigger things in mind than our eternal life and that kind of thing.

There have been lots of headlines about the Occupy Wall Street movement where people are going to wall street to protest rich people. Like I said yesterday, I'm sure most of the people there have no idea why they are there...they just have nothing better to do with their lives. As a rule I'm not a protest kind of guy, I just don't think these things usually make a difference. I get it people are looking for a cause and this is one. I guess it's because I have a cause that I don't get excited about this stuff. My advice for all of us would-be activists? Occupy Here.

You know it seems we are always tempted to want to start a worldwide movement somewhere else. Why don't we start with where we are. Instead of occupy somewhere else (where I'll likely get some t.v. coverage), why not just occupy where you are. It seems that often I am tempted to be somewhere and not really be there. I wonder if I would just focus on making my "here" the best "here" I can make it and everyone else would do the same if we wouldn't just change the world. Here's what I mean...

At home with your family - are you really there - Do you occupy your home...change begins here
At work - are you really there - Do you occupy your occupation...change begins here
At play - are you really there - Do you occupy your friendships...change begins here
At your community - are you really there - Do you occupy your neighborhood...change begins here
At your church - are you really there - Do you occupy your faith...change really begins here

Don't occupy some other place, no matter how noble the cause...for me, today, the best thing I can possibly do is to be fully here..where God has me...try it...occupy here (or there where you are as the case may be)


Bob said...

Wow, simple but powerful message Mike! I think we need to get the T-Shirt machine geared up for some "Occupy Here" Shirts! They'll sell like crazy!

AL Fetherlin said...

I've passed this on to my friends. Many of whom I hope will heed your advice as I will.
Thank you Pastor Mike.

Just a Normal girl said...

Well said.
love ya,