Monday, October 10, 2011

road trip

Well, I'm headed back from Dallas where I celebrated (and performed) the wedding of my nephew Drew and his new wife, Karen. Had a great time with them. Crazy how fast you get reconnected and have joy with family even though you don't see them often. It was good to catch up....and here's to hoping it's not another four or five years before we see each other again.

Sara and I worshiped and prayed yesterday on the six and a half hour trip to Memphis. prayed for Tyler and our family at Eastview and prayed for Caleb as he preached in KY. I know you'll probably get tired of this...but more news from Caleb and Pansy Christian. They had a homecoming yesterday and they had 60 in attendance! Awesome Sunday and they put his name on the sign. He's doing well. Sara and I had a good time last night relaxing in Memphis. This whole trip she has done most of the driving while i write and study. She's a real trooper, but honestly she loves to drive and I've gotten a bunch done. But when we got to Beale street, I made a pact to not study or write, just relax. So we found a place with a big screen and watched some football and talked. We walked up and down this birthplace of blues (It's surprisingly small if you've never been) watching people and taking in the sounds. Bright neon signs and music fill the three or four block area. For supper we went to a restaurant called the Majestic on main that used to be a theatre where they showed silent movies back in the day.

This morning we hit the Starbucks by the hotel and hit the road home. Thanks to my I pad and wireless set up, I can do most of the work I usually do on Monday mornings in the office. I've even started looking at the sermon for Sunday. Loved Dallas, Memphis and all spots in between with my favorite loved one and wife....ready to be back to Norma.

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