Monday, October 31, 2011

sweet day!

Well it's Halloween and so it's appropriate that I give some insights to one of my best spiritual gifts....eating candy! For those of you who think Halloween is a bad I just always looked at it as one of the most hospitable and giving times of the year. When else do you walk around and get stuff from your neighbors for free? and did I mention candy...very sweet...and there is sweetness in the Bible as well, so here is my Halloween tribute to the best candy there is (My top five) with corresponding scriptures.
1. Almond Joy...the greatest candy known to man. Almonds were part of the produce in the Promised Land and Joy is named as fruit of the Spirit. Need I say more? Psalm 55:13-14 mentions fellowship being sweet, especially as we come to worship God.
2. English Toffee - you know the kind that they sell at fancy candy it. Plus Toffee rhymes with coffee which this candy pairs beautifully with. Psalm 119:103 says that God's word is sweet. If we would crave God's word like toffee....
3. Charleston Chew - went old school on this one. Two things make it awesome...chocolate and it's huge...super size before there was a such thing. If you're old school you'll remember these. Ecclesiastes 5:12 tells us that the sleep of a laborer is sweet. There is something good and tasty about working hard and then resting.
4. Snickers - Let's face it...this is a great candy bar. I recommend putting bite size ones in the freezer...awesome. Don't know where they got the name, but I think because it tastes so sweet it makes you snicker! Proverbs 16:24 says that pleasant words are sweet. Have you made someone snicker with your words today.
5. M&M's - Because you eat them in bunches (otherwise they would be call M) and that's what's great about them (plus the chocolate and the peanuts - yeah I prefer the yellow bag and I hope I have leftover candy tonight from trick or treaters at my house). Proverbs 24:14 says that wisdom is sweet.

Here's my suggestion, grab a candy bar from your kids haul tonight and eat it while reading these verses...a very spiritual and taste bud friendly spiritual act of worship.

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Tami said...

I KNEW there was some reason I should have had kids! Bummer.