Monday, November 21, 2011

getting ready for the season

Well, it's not even Thanksgiving day yet, but things are beginning to look a lot like Christmas. I have to confess, the tree in my office (yes I'm that crazy about it) is already up and lights are on. Make me feel warm as all the Christmasses come flooding back. Probably got a jump on this one because there is so much going on this holiday season. Mom made her home made chex mix all weekend...smelled the house up in good way. Sara is shopping for all the stuff for thursday's meal. The boys are placing requests for this. All I need is pecan pie (which my wife is great at making). We bought some tickets yesterday for our Christmas play and delivered them to some of our favorite waitresses in town. My baristas are next. Hope you are buying tickets for people.

We had over 850 boxes of food brought in yesterday for our yearly outreach. So I know many of you have been shopping too. We have at least two parties a week through Christmas Eve. So we are planning for all of that. Then we have a short week at the office...and I have a sermon to write with less time to write it. Also trying to finalyze a present for's really low key now that we have boys who are not boys anymore. Still the time together as family is awesome. I'm ready for the fun and celebration of the season...even if I'm not really ready for how hectic it all is going to be. Get it comes.

Also, I'm getting my shovel ready for snow...which I pray comes soon.


Lisa said...

Please don't pray for snow just yet. I don't have a shovel and as I prepare for my first winter as a single mom I'm REALLY not looking forward to snow...until I don't have to drive in it. December 23 - January 2 work fine. ;)

Anonymous said...

I get into the Christmas spirit when Starbucks starts using the Christmas cups. Have you had your gingerbread latte yet?