Monday, November 7, 2011

fall observations

Leaves - God is amazing in his display of artistry in the trees. This is one of many reasons, I love the midwest. Went for a walk on Saturday morning and the sun was shining on two particular trees. One was covered with red leaves and the sun made it even redder. The other was yellow/orange and it looked like it was on fire - so brilliant. And to think, this is the art work that God does every year and then allows the leaves to fall and blow away. Also caught a great smell from my childhood..burning leaves...nothing like it.

Cool air - you can feel it in the morning...the temperatures are changing signaling a move towards winter. I love the coolness as it fills my lungs and the sight of my breath as I exhale. The first thing man ever did was breathe and it is this breath of life (from God Himself) that is very apparent this time of year. Lord thank you for the cool air that reminds us that we are breathing and that you provide every breath we take. The fall is time for breathing deeply the breathe of God because you can see it.

Christmas - seems like everyone is ready for Christmas a little earlier this year. Don't know why, but I'm already listening to Buble's Christmas album and thinking about putting up our tree the week BEFORE Thanksgiving! Of course, I'm also looking forward to the snow. I hope we have some pretty ones.

Imagine - It is fall and that means our church is collecting coats, toys, and food for our annual loving of our community. It is great to see so many walk to church with Bible in hand and a bag of winter coats in the other. These are hearts truly prepared for worship - giving and ready to learn...very cool.

Time change - We had a 25 hour day on Saturday as we put our clocks back for "daylight savings". I always love getting an extra hour...I think most of us think we are going to sleep an extra hour, but we wake up at 5:30 because our body wasn't told about the time change. Oh well, it certainly did get everyone to church a little earlier than usual.

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