Monday, November 28, 2011


One of the Christmas c.d.'s I was listening to over the weekend includes the Louis Armstong classic, "what a wonderful world". yes it's a bit idealistic, but it gently reminds us just how awesome life can be. and the "awesomeness" can most often be found in the small things. don't know why they chose to put this song on the Christmas album, but it works and remains one of my favorite songs ever. I have actually asked my wife to play it at my funeral!

This got me thinking about other "wonderful" things. Of course, there is another favorite of mine this time of year...the movie classic, "It's a wonderful life". great movie. why do I like it? It reminds us that we often forget how rich we truly are as we focus on the stuff we think the world measures us by. It warms my heart every year.

One more "wonderful" thing I'd give money (seriously) to experience again. In the little Bible college I attended we frequently sang the song, "Wonderful Grace of Jesus". If you're not old school, you probably don't know it, but when 400 students belted this tune out with four part harmony at a chapel service, it was electric! It is true, the grace of Jesus is wonderful.

Some wonderful things this Christmas season...wonderful life, wonderful world, wonderful grace of Jesus...and a wonderful God gives them all.


Jrindt said...

Can we sing this song soon? That too, is one of my favorite hymns and I too remember belting it out in 4 part harmony at Olivet Nazarene University where I attended. Please, let's sing it!

Donna said...

One of my Dad's favorites: Wonderful Grace of Jesus. Would love to be able to hear his deep bass voice singing it. Also "His Eye is on the Sparrow" and "The Lighthouse."


Linda said...

What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong is one of my favorites too. I've told my three children that I want it played at my funeral also! No matter what, it's always a wonderful world!