Monday, July 16, 2012

I was at three churches

yesterday, I was physically on vacation in Tampa Florida, just soaking up some sun and reading a lot. As we do on Sundays when we are away we searched for a church within walking distance of the hotel and found this new church plant called "Reality" church in downtown. The pastor's name is Pilgrim Benham and his sermon from Titus 3 was good. This church was small (27 adults) so there was no "inconspicuousness" about being there. We enjoyed the friendly brothers and sisters in Christ and I was reminded again at how wide and diverse the kingdom of God is. While we were worshiping in Tampa, my heart, mind and prayers were also in St. Louis at Harvester Christian Church where my son Caleb was preaching the three morning services. I tried to take note of the times ever so often and added to the hundred prayers I had prayed for him before. In one service, Ben Merold, a preaching legend and hero of mine sat in the third row. After the service he gave Caleb a note of encouragement that he had jotted down. What a cool experience. Caleb told me what I have feel all the time, "when I preach, I feel the most alive!" Proud of him. At the same time, I kept checking my watch and praying for my spiritual family at Eastview Christian Church. A week ago, I recorded a vision sermon which was shown in all three services and again I asked God to use it to ignite a passion in our hearts for fearless Christ following, ridiculous loving and dangerous witnessing. The overwhelming feeling in my soul yesterday is how much I really longed to be with the people of Eastview. This is a true love that God has created between us, so even though I wasn't there, I was there in spirit and heart.

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