Monday, July 30, 2012


From time to time I receive "input" from "anonymous". In fact many of the responses on this blog come from are "anonymous". At a glance we get this,it's easier to be bold when no one knows who is writing, but after receiving two pretty hateful responses from "anonymous" in the last two weeks (which I deleted and did not publish) it got me thinking about whether or not being "anonymous" is a good Christian thing to do. Here are some thoughts about a variety of "anonymous" communications. ANONYMOUS THANKS/PRAISE - Often we get really nice anonymous words from people who appreciate what we do and I must admit, these kinds of anonymous are easier to read, but I do wonder if when the Bible says to encourage one another it's not talking about speaking to someone with full disclosure of who it is - if nothing else to build a bond of love and unity. ANONYMOUS CONFESSION - I receive lots of e-mails and nameless prayer requests that are confessions of sin. But here's the deal, this belies a fear of being "outed" as a sinner and in our world...all are sinners. Real confession is open and vulnerable and I'm not sure if confession has really taken place until we personally own the sin. ANONYMOUS CRITICISM - The Bible teaches that if you have something against your brother you should not give an offering until you have reconciled. It also teaches to speak the truth in love and talks about restoring an erring brother gently. I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets anonymous criticism, but when I do it bothers me. I had a former associate that refused to read an unsigned letter, note, or email. I'm too curious, but I often wish I didn't. As Christians, if we have a criticism for a brother or sister, we should love them enough to speak to them. ANONYMOUS MEANESS - This is the biggest problem with being anonymous. We shoot from the hip, and say things we shouldn't (and wouldn't if our names were attached) say. Often the words are judgmental, hateful and one-sided. There is no place for this kind of dialogue between Christians. I'm sure I'll continue to get "anonymous" responses to my blog. But maybe these thoughts are helpful. In the meatime, to my "anonymous" hater...I'm praying for you because though I don't know you, God does.

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