Monday, July 23, 2012


I'm excited to announce that my fourth book "Recalculating" will arrive this week, Lord willing. It is a book based on Paul's travels through the Bible lands of Greece and Turkey and is designed to be a 40 day study for groups or individuals. The cool thing is that the book comes with 8 video teachings from J.K. and I at the the Bible locations studied. I hope it is a helpful book. God has been gracious in allowing me to write and by His grace I'll write until He decides I won't. You may wonder how a book comes into being and why I decide to write. Here's what guides me. 1. I write first and foremost to help the congregation at Eastview to grow in their faith. Others may find it useful, but my heart beats for Eastview. 2. I write with simplicity...because, well, I think in simple terms and want the complexity of God to be as understandable as it is in His Word, the Bible. 3. I preach first and write second. I love words, obviously, but I prefer preaching to writing and they are very different things. 4. I write when something catches my heart and God won't take it away. This means that by the time you see a book, it has been on my heart for years usually...lot's of prayer, rewrites, edits, etc... Recalculating is the culmination of a two year journey. 5. I have a great group of fellow pastors and writers that often speak into my life about what they think I should write about. Their perspective is priceless for me and a blessing from God. 6. I don't write for money...this book belongs to Eastview Christian Church and all the proceeds will go back into future writings. This also allows us to keept he prices low. This is not to say I have not made money on books...I have made about $1,300 since I first publised "How Teens Do Church" in 2000. It averages out to about .25 cents/hour! No big contracts for me at this point! If you are interested in the book, I'm sure it will be at the Harvest Bookstore this Sunday morning and if you don't go to Eastview, you can get on line and contact our bookstore from there.

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