Sunday, November 11, 2012

rainy day in Jerusalem

Even though we spent last night in the city of Jerusalem, today was the first chance to get into the city itself. Since it was Sunday morning, I had two thoughts - one was for all of my brothers and sisters (my family) at Eastview Christian Church. I truly miss them-the second was to organize communion for the group as to celebrate the Lord's Day together. I grabbed some bread at the breakfast buffet (a baguette actually) and the head waiter brought some small bottles of wine. It sounds easy, but with buses, traffic, and weird food, and no convenience stores's hard to get all of this together. God visited us in a very cool way next the olive grove in Gethsemane as we celebrated the Lord's supper together. We sang the hymn, "Nothing but the blood" and prayed and served each other communion. Every one was moved deeply...very cool time of worship and reflection! We then headed to the Mt. of Olives where we got a great view of Jerusalem as Jesus would have seen it 2,000 years was windy, and cold, and then the rains came..and lasted throughout the day. J.K., Scott and Ryan (our videographers) were troopers taping the teaching on the southern steps of the temple while it was crazy...good. I also made the video guys schlep (new Jewish word I've adopted) down to Hezekiah's tunnel (2,700 year old tunnel from the Old Testament) - very cool day..even if we did experience the wailing wall in the rain...very tired..heading to bed even as my people in Normal hit mid afternoon.

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