Monday, February 24, 2014

encourage and inspire

Sitting in Chicago's Ohare airport getting ready for a trip to New Delhi via Tokyo, Japan (go figure - taking that route - this made me study the world map again!) By the time Sara and I arrive, we will have lost Tuesday altogether in flights and airports, but we are excited to reunite with Drs. Ajai and Indu Lall and their family and ministry in Central India. My soul has just begun to refuel from yesterday's sermon and my mind turns to this incredible opportunity to preach (along with J.K., Jim, Jason, Mark, and Tyler - our pastoral leadership team) to over 500 preachers and church planters from all over the country. I'm completely humbled and excited for this open door for the gospel - four or five sermons in the next five days to: preachers, youth, village churches, and Ajai's home church. Two words come to mind: encourage and inspire. I know that I will be encouraged by the passion of these preachers who will ride trains for days and sit in teaching sessions for 10 hours at a time to grow in their faith. I know that I will be encouraged by the fact that many of them literally put their life on the line daily to preach the gospel. I know that I will be inspired by their love for Christ and their preaching. I will be inspired by seeing the world wide church in action again! The church of Jesus is prevailing and we get to be a part of that. My prayer is that somehow I can inspire the CICM workers, the preachers, and even Ajai and Indu. My prayer is that by preaching the word, hundreds will be encouraged to keep going in this work for the gospel. This is again how the church works. I'm flying to the other side of the world to encourage and inspire and I'm sure these brothers and sisters will inspire me more than I will them.

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