Tuesday, November 4, 2008

day 1

Well, it's just about 24 hours later and after a VERY long plane ride we arrived in Athens around 9:30 Athens time. I hope you all were sleeping (I couldn't, but sara took the right pill). First let me say how sad i was to hear about Joyce Smiley's passing just after i blogged yesterday. Jim and Joyce have served here in remarkable ways, and thanks to a generous couple with a helicopter, Sara and I were able to talk and pray with her and Jim in Rochester last thursday.

Anyway, i was hoping to go straight to the hotel and get a quick nap when we arrived, but when the guide said we were going to the Acropolis (yeah the one from the 5th century BC) and a visit to Mars Hill (yeah the one the apostle Paul stood on in Acts) i caught my second wind. I have been up for 24 straight hours, but I'm already blessed to have stood in the spot where paul delivered his famous "unknown god" sermon. What an awesome connection to my Christian heritage!

Another cool thing...we found out that the Athens marathon (the one originating because a soldier ran from Marathon (an actual place) to Athens to tell the people that they had been victorious over the Persians and then died) is being run this coming Sunday. I'm kind of in marathon shape and if i can talk the guide into it, I'll run it, but i think it's not going to fit with our tour schedule.

Well, now i am running down and need a nap. we are going to meet as a group tonight and go to supper...not much else. Sara and I have a great view to the Acropolis from our hotel balcony which should look pretty sweet at night all lit up. I'll update you all tomorrow


kyle gennicks said...

You've seriously got to consider that Athens marathon opportunity - even starting it and running as far or as long as you possibly can. My running buddy and I have talked about doing it way down the road (when we can afford it!).

Just think, you're spiritual heritage and running heritage all rolled into one...that combination would be pretty spectacular?!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, Mars Hill!?! Awesome - I heard you speak in March about Mars Hill. Can't wait to hear more. Great to hear you are traveling with Bob. I heard him speak about prayer last week. Take care. MaryS

Anonymous said...

you better run that marathon - you'll regret it forever if you don't!!! sarah...you should too!!
love you both!