Thursday, November 20, 2008

wisdom ride

Yesterday I rode on a bus (which I learned was really a motor coach - man is nothing easy any more?) with about 53 people of a mature nature (most were over 70 years old, two couples I met had been married 62 and 65 years - one couple had a retired daughter who was on the trip with them). The group is called Spirit Lifters and this was their 81st trip to places like Branson, the dinner Barn, someplace on a lake in Ky, and the smoky mtns. Yes, they stereotypically like buffets and trips and dinner theatre's. But that's not what I really enjoyed. I really enjoyed the stories (what lives they have lived!) and the energy (they were like nice smelling jr. highers) and their years of faith. Honestly, the food was o.k. and the show was less o.k.; but the fellowship with these people who have been at our church for 30+ years was a blast.

I felt like i learned a lot from people who have lived a whole lot more life than I have. It's important to hang out with people older than you, you know? If you don't, you'll miss some great stories, some great lessons and some great people. Ironically, we are celebrating generations this Sunday in both services. By God's design, the church is made up of generations and all of them are important.


Nancy said...

A great opportunity to invite my Mom to service....


Swamp Varmint said...

Mike, it was great having you and Sara with us on the trip. You are right - the show this time was definitely not up to their usual standards. The singers were not miked, and the music was out in front of them, making them sound flat. But I did enjoy the fellowship and hope you go along with us again some time.