Sunday, November 9, 2008

day 6

Today was pretty uneventful. Another run through the waking up streets of Thessalonica. There was no way to get back to Athens for the marathon today, but it was completed as we drove into town. We spent most of the day on the bus. We read and talked and shared some Scripture together. This group has become a fun group of guys and their wives.

My thoughts are definitely towards home now. I really am thinking about everyone at church. I'm praying for Doug as we are 40 minutes from 1st service starting. I know he'll have a great message and I wish I was there to hear it. So the ladies are shopping and I'm chillin before supper. We'll probably go to this older section of Athens for dinner and then we'll hang out and pack for in the morning. We are heading to the airport and will arrive in New York by around 4:00 tomorrow afternoon (monday). Unfortunately, we are too stretched for time to get home tomorrow night (although we are going to try and change our flights). Our plan is to be home late Tuesday afternoon.

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