Monday, November 17, 2008

tis the season

Well, as I write this blog I see it snowing outside my window. Awesome. Thanksgiving and Christmas season is here and I love the excitement it always seems to bring. It is the season for giving as our church gathered over 2,500 toys for children yesterday (and their still rolling in) with coats and food to follow.

It is the season for cool decorations. After yesterday's service (which was life-changing with 11 baptisms) the volunteers that work on stage design removed THE X series stuff and made the stage Christmas ready! It really looks good - good work guys. It is also the season for Christmas programs and we've almost given all of our tickets away for this year's Christmas pops concert December 6&7.

It is also the season for eating desserts. Sweet is definitely in this time of year. This has to be good, just think of all the sayings we use that put desserts in a positive light:
"She's a smart cookie"
"Easy as pie"
"Icing on the cake"
"Having your cake and eat it too"
"Hey sugar."
"She's sugary sweet."
"This was cake"
"That was a cake walk"
"I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream"
"That's how the cookie crumbles" (which is kind of negative, but if you eat those crumbs, it's still good I'll bet).

Well, I'm salivating so I'd better end it here. Three out of four dentists do not recommend this blog, but hey, it's the season for sugar. I will tell you that I will eat my share of the best of all holiday desserts in the next month or so. And what just what is that dessert? Pecan pie of course.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Mike. I have a recipe for the most decadent cake...White Chocolate with White Fudge Icing. It uses one pound of real butter, and of course real white chocolate.


Anonymous said...

there is a just dessert.

toni said...

I should see you running then?