Monday, August 1, 2011

normal home

It's good to be back to "Normal" - pun intended, but I'm serious about the sentiment. We do live and do ministry in Normal (or as I like to say, "Our church is located on the edge of Normal"), but a good sign to me when I return is always that I love the place that represents normal for my life.

I love the Normal things like mowing the yard (as I was dripping from heat and having my first heart attack Saturday mowing the lawn, I thought "this is why I love snow". In a strange way, the mundane routine of mowing the lawn was a welcome thing.

I love knowing where everything's at. When you are gone, you have to look for restaurants, entertainment, dry cleaners, etc... When you are home, you know where everything is at.

I love the Normal (and normal) people I get to preach to and serve with at Eastview. I love the way God has built this church. I like the way we do it. I like seeing familiar faces in the same seats in the auditorium. I love getting hugs from people who missed me and whom I missed.

I love sleeping in my own bed. I do love hotel rooms and jumping on hotel beds, but there is a certain comfort that can be found in your bed.

I love hanging out with good friends who I missed while I was gone. Good to catch up on life, family, etc...

I know some would argue that I'm not very normal, but I feel most Normal when I'm here doing what God has called me to do.

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Anonymous said...

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