Monday, August 29, 2011

Eastview's vision

I have spent at least ten minutes in the last three worship services sharing talking through our vision for the church. I think this is a very important part of my pastor's job. it is my job, but more my privilege as I'm as inspired as ever to become the kind of church we elders feel that God has called us to be. If thousands of e-viewers become fearless as they follow Christ, and love others in a ridiculous way and are willing to risk shaking their faith, then the world will not be able to resist coming to Jesus! Remember these simple challenges: write out your "change" story, risk an uncomfortable conversation with someone about Jesus, and pray that God open a door for that conversation...seriously..let's do it! God is doing some amazing stuff in this area as The Spirit really moved yesterday in our high school ministry (One) with 11 baptisms AND in Fuel last night with another 30 decisions for Christ AND hundreds at connections last night to get into a small group to grow in their faith. Simply...praise God.

While we're at it...the vision t-shirts have sold beyond anything we've ever had We ordered 750 originally and have made our fourth order this week. Over 1200 sold so far and child sizes on the way. So which are you? Fearless, Ridiculous, or Dangerous. I'm loving living out this vision together.

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Lisa said...

Love the Vision series. And I'm THRILLED that you are ordering Child sized t-shirts!! Savannah has been begging for a shirt for 2 weeks now! For me...mine is FEARLESS. With everything that has happened this summer I couldn't have survived if I lived in Fear of what would happen next. I give all of it to God and can live Fearless knowing that he is my refuge, my strength. God Bless You!