Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Sermon (five days left)

For some reason, I'm compelled to write about this week's sermon I'll preach at our two Easter services. So here's day one of a daily blog that will take you on my spiritual journey.

yesterday (monday) I spent some great time in my prayer room just begging God to burn his Word into my heart. I want to say what he's saying. I want to pierce the heart of every person who hears on Sunday with the truth that Jesus is the resurrection and the life. After praying, I simply read aloud the word I'll read on Sunday and as I got to verse 25 of John 11 I began weeping. So...this sermon is deep in my heart.

today more prayers for God to move...still wandering down to the auditorium every once in a while to pray and see others praying (which is very encouraging). Meanwhile I'm sorting through notes I've been jotting down for the past couple of weeks as I've read this passage. Really inspired by two other verses today from the same writer: John 20:31 and I John 5:13 (read 'em if you get a chance). And my white board is up...two big preaching thoughts so far: "It's too late" and "Do you believe this?"

Well, now for some in depth study in between meetings and e-mails this afternoon heading into my study/writing day tomorrow. I'm genuinely thankful and nervously excited about Sunday's sermon.

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