Monday, April 20, 2009

positive rumors

Everyone is affected by the proverbial "rumor mill". I don't know if it's called a mill because it's constantly churning or because it grinds the truth into powder. But if you are human, you have been involved with rumors. Sometimes you find yourself repeating a rumor as fact without realizing your sources are flawed. Sometimes the rumor is about you and you don't know it. Most times the rumor has nothing to do with the facts at all. Often rumors are spread by those who are prone to complain and see the negative.

Have you noticed that? Rumors tend to be negative. We never seem interested in spreading positive news. It's always the negative stuff that circulates among us. At any rate, we all have a tendency to float some rumors from time to time. I've had a couple float across my desk this morning (yes they are negative and no they aren't true). So, presented below are some simple positive rumors I'd love you to spread:

Note: any time you hear a negative rumor about someone, as a Christian you should talk to them as soon as possible to verify the situation. If you are a bit too shy to talk with them, then talk to God about them. Otherwise don't talk to anyone else.

1. Did you hear that 500 more people than last year are coming weekly to hear the only good news there is at Eastview Christian Church?
2. Did you hear that the longest wait we've had to empty our parking lot is still less time than it takes to get out of traffic after a Redbirds basketball game?
3. Did you hear that some great parking volunteers stood in the rain yesterday smiling and helping as many people as possible find the closest location?
4. Did you hear that four people were baptized in 1st service yesterday and 2 in Fuel last night?
5. Did you hear that for the first time in the recent history of the church the giving is over budget?
6. Did you hear that the farthest parking spot at Eastview is still closer than the farthest spot at Wal-mart?
7. Did you hear that the elders regularly pray over and annoint people for healing (two yesterday in between services)?
8. Did you hear that we gave away over 110 Bibles last Sunday at Easter and that the book we sell most in our Harvest bookstore is the Bible?
9. Did you hear that every Monday for one hour the staff comes together to pray for this church and her people?
10. Did you hear that we the teaching staff is already planning a major growth series for the Fall called, "the call" to help us all grow closer to Christ?

well, there they are...positive rumors...spread away. If you are intentional and prayerful with them, they may outweigh the others and lead to that Christian concept called encouragement.


Bill Holley said...

Very cool. I love the "rumor" approach to spreading positive truths about Eastview. I may have to try something like that here in Iowa. God bless. Preach the Word.

Nancy said...

Did you hear that Eastview has some of the most phenomenal preaching from the Bible?

Did you hear that Eastview has wonderful services for kids where they learn Bible truths every Sunday (from infants to College age students)?

Did you hear that the staff at Eastview works 'round the clock (this includes prayer) 365 days a year so that people can be reached with the glorious truth that Jesus is who He says He is?

PS: I love the parking attendants! They look like they are having fun lookin' all like airport crew who guide the planes. :-) They make me laugh!

Anonymous said...

Positively "Gossiping for Jesus"

bill said...

You could call this "Spreading the Gossipel". Probably shouldn't. But could.

I'm glad to hear that stuff is going so well at ECC. Love you guys!