Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Sermon (two days left)

Well, it's Friday...good Friday and appropriately it's raining. Friday is my day off and I had the rare opportunity to sleep in today (for those of you under 25 that's 7:00 a.m.). I literally hopped out of bed, threw on some sweats and headed for Starbucks (still in a daze). Half way there i glanced at my hair in the mirror - it was a wreck...oh well maybe no one from my church will be there and I can sneak in and out. You know what happened right? As I walked in (still in stupor mode with pillow marks on my face) I saw Gary York and his son Darrin, John Martin, Chrystal Smith, Tina Fogal and behind the counter Allison - all of whom attend my church. Maybe looking at me will cause them to pray for me harder!

Aside from relaxing and reading a little today, I've simply spent some time reflecting. Typically, this is a day of rest from my sermon. I don't look at my notes for Sunday...just kinda let them stir and stew and simmer in my soul. So I read the John 11:17-37 (Sunday's text) and frankly it hasn't been far from my mind all day. Phrases and words from my week of study dance in my head and I quietly mouth the words (of if no one is around, I actually preach a few lines outloud). One great thing about Fridays is that I don't talk much. Most days I talk a lot, but on Fridays I try to listen - just sit in silence. I haven't heard any audible voice today, but God has been whispering to me through his Spirit: "I'll bring the people on Sunday, you preach my Word." It's good to be quiet.

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