Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Athens, day 1

Well, my body clock is entirely shot as I sit in the lobby of the Stanley Hotel (munchkin beds and accesories and a shower you can't turn around in - but still better accomodations than Paul and Silas had - not complaining). We got through the 13 and half hours of flying from Chicago-London (Starbucks there:-)-Athens and to our bus by 6:00 p.m. local time. We had a supper of mousaka, chicken, bread, and salad. Little pricey on the drinks (small can of coke - three euros - almost 6 bucks) but it's all good. It is Wednesday here (we're 8 hours ahead of Normal) and we are going to hit the acropolis, parthenon, ancient agora and Mars Hill to name a few today. Having seen this all before, I can't wait to see it through other's eyes - especially J.K. He is going to freak. He's been studying this stuff for over 35 years and today he's gonna see it! Awesome. Now I've got to go and find some coffee - don't tell anyone, but the Greek coffee is almost as good as Starbucks..but I'm still on the prowl. If you want to think about where we are today read Acts 20!

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Mike Baker said...

actually that's Acts 19...oops, Greek keyboard,which I can actually read...just different:-)