Friday, May 13, 2011

Corinth and Meteora (day three and four)

Well, sorry i didn't do this earlier, but at 4:00 a.m. (Greek time) I was attempting to blog an update and something was messed up with now you get a double dose. Just got back with a Q & A time with the whole group sitting next to the pool in kalambaka (too cold to swim) debriefing and connecting biblical dots with all that we have seen. Great time together.

Yesterday we were in Corinth and it was amazing. the video taping went really well and then I was on a mission. When I was here three years ago, we saw the bema (judgement area) where Paul was judged by Galio (Acts 18:12ff) and many of the ruins, but I didn't find a very important stone that marked the name of Erastus. I've read about this discovery that validates Romans 16:23 where Paul mentions Erastus the director of public works in Corinth. I asked our guide and another worker at the site, but they had no idea. Finally a woman said, yeah it's down by the theater. The first century theater is mostly unexcavated and undeveloped as far as the first century, but I made my way down a rough path and there it was. A pavement stone with Erastus' name on it indicating he was in charge of building the road that passed in front of the theater. I'm not Indiana Jones, but I am from Indiana (so, J.K. and I together are Indiana Jones). Anyway, I drug everyone down there and we marvelled at standing on biblical history.

today we got up early and mostly travelled through the country north to these cool monastaries established around 1100 AD on the tops of these high cliffs. Pretty astounding stuff, we went to the great monastery (google it) and were moved in many ways. The group is having a great time with this discovery trip and really joining together as a team. Tomorrow we head to ancient Berea and then to Thessalonica for the night.

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