Friday, May 20, 2011

last day reflections

Seriously? I was awakened at 11:45 by an earthquake. Woke up and the bed was shaking sideways and I woke sara up and walked to the window and no one was freaking I went back to bed. Pretty wild though.
Went to Pergamum today. Ancient city built in 300's BC and with Zeus' altar built in 180's bc (probably the Satan's throne referred to in Revelation 2). We only know one Christian name from this ancient city - Antipas. I always feel some strange connection to this early church martyr who according to legend was roasted inside a brazen bull. Gave his life for Jesus and in many ways I want to do the same thing. Here are some final reflections on our trip:
*have a sermon ready for Sunday...sore back from typing sideways in the bus
*loved seeing the Erastus stone in Corinth - another Bible brother in the Lord
*Istanbul is a great city...enjoyed several nice meals with some old and new friends here amidst the nightlife after long days of discovery and reflection
*Two weeks seems like a month...really miss home and the people I love
*The Bible really comes to life when you are able to walk the paths and streets of those mentioned in Scripture
*a starbucks and mcdonalds in the middle of nowhere Turkey can be a very soul-refreshing thing. You should have seen the excitement on our faces. It was the perfect rest area. If you think this is shallow...that's o.k. - it's just a fun touch of home when you're far away.
*If you are at Eastview, see you Sunday

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