Saturday, May 14, 2011

thessloniki - day 5

Today we left the middle of the country and made our way further north to the modern day city of Veria (biblical Berea - Acts 17) and stopped at a simple park area. This is not much of a archeological dig, but what is there is astounding. The focus on the park is three marble stairs. Why so important? Because they are the three stairs from the first century synagogue where the apostle Paul with Silas entered three sabbaths in a row to preach to the first Christians here! We each took turns staning on the steps and getting our pictures taken and J.K. did another video. Very cool to actually stand again in the footsteps of the apostle! Very moving and spiritually inspiring.

Tonight we are spending the night in Thessaloniki and have enjoyed a nice evening at a local restaurant and then starbucks on the sea port of this ancient town. Very cool when 21 century meets Bible. I'm in heaven. Anyway tomorrow is Sunday and I'll be missing my people at home and praying for all those who will be serving and attending there tomorrow. We plan on having a worship service down by the water and taking communion together in this spiritual setting. I'm also teaching about the Thessalonian church tomorrow on video.

A couple of things come to mind as this trip continues: 1. Paul was driven to proclaim the gospel everywhere he went. He just didn't back down...may I be like him. 2. It's a long way from Berea to Thessalonica. Sometimes what we read in one sentence "As soon as it was night, the brothers sent Paul and Silas to Berea" what seems so easy and is really at least four or five days rough journey.

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