Monday, May 9, 2011

Following Paul

Well, today we fly for Greece and Turkey with a group of 29 from Eastview for a spiritual pilgrimage. This is going to be fun for sure, but it is more than seeing some of the world's most historic places. This journey will cover the apostle Paul's second missionary journey (Acts 16-20) in reverse order. J.K. and I will teach at ten of the main cities we will journey through and our videographer Scott will record it all for us. what this means is no "up the nose" shots like my self-shot Bethlehem video last Christmas! And some quality video that we can use for a small group teaching series as well as some other footage for Sunday morning sermons in Acts. Two things: First, I will try and blog as often as possible to update you all on the place we are in the world and on the journey. Second, I'm going to miss you all while I'm gone. I have just come to love my church so much that I'm seriously bummed when I'm away from you all (plus my son is coming home from his first year in college while I'm gone)!

We will leave tonight around 8:00 p.m. from Chicago to London and then because of time change get into Athens, Greece by 5:30 p.m. tomorrow (May 10th). Oh, and it will also be my 26th anniversary to the best wife a guy could have. What did I get here for our anniversary? Greece!


Todd said...

Wish you well on your journey, Mike. It's sure to be an incredible experience for all involved.

Todd H.

Anonymous said...

have a great time!! i have a few notes of commentary about your blog entry today:

1) i find it slightly funny when i read your words, "i will try to blog as often as possible". funny coming from you, who is not too much into pop culture communication or technology.

2) you are sad you are going to be away when caster gets home from JBC and i can only imagine he's thinking, "oh ya! the house to myself (when grandma susie is not there :-) when i get home! woo hoo!"

3) happy anniversary! we are happy to say we've known you for over half of your marriage! and how nice of you to take sara (and 29 of your closest friends) to greece for your special day.

4) looking forward to seeing the video footage of your travels (minus the nose hairs - yay for scott s.!). i hope you've packed your "good jeans" for the filming.

have a great time!
love you!

Anonymous said...

26 years?! Numbers matter......