Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Five golden hours

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, five golden hours of preacher shop talk. O.K. so they weren't really golden, but they were like gold to me 'cause of how much I love to talk Bible stuff and preaching. Also, forgive me for being late on this...tried to blog last night (after the five golden hours) but I couldn't connect in the hotel room I was staying in...so forget it. Anyway, this one is different in that I'm not going to have a list...just some commentary on five hours yesterday that were remarkable for me.

First of all...I was in Indianapolis for a teaching planning retreat for an all-church campaign for January 2011 (yes I plan that far ahead). We stayed at the Hyatt hotel and met in the expansive atrium around a table with comfortable chairs.

Second...I was with two guys I really respect. One is our small group leader, Jim Probst and the other is my good friend (who just happens to be an incredible Bible scholar, man of God and spiritual guru) J.K. Jones. the company was outstanding.

Third...we talked about God as a giver and what that means for how we give our lives, our money, our Holy Spirit gifts, etc...

Fourth...we actually got some cool stuff done. we have a general plan for six sermons, six group studies and a companion book for this all-church campaign.

Fifth...we laughed a lot.

Well, what do you know I did list five things. And much of this happened in five hours yesterday afternoon and evening. Five golden hours.

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Just a Normal girl said...

You laughed a lot because Jim is very funny. I got to meet him at Imagine. During breaks, he was cracking me up.