Monday, December 7, 2009

I blew it

Well, yesterday was just one of those Sundays that prove that God has a sense of humor.
First, let me say that the weekend included two awesome performances from our band, choir and orchestra in our Christmas Pops concert. I had several people tell me that they thought it was the best they'ev ever sounded. I agree. By the way, both Saturday and Sunday nights clearly illustrated a need for a bigger atrium for fellowship. It was shoulder to shoulder as we enjoyed cookies and laughter after each performance.

Anyway, back to Sunday. First, I shared some great faith stories from this past year - just a sampling of life-change that God is bringing about here. Of course, i got emotional and was choked up. For one thing, as i was telling two of the stories i saw the people I was talking about anoymously crying and that was moving. But as I spoke of how God through Jesus has changed strippers, cocaine addicts, un-churched friends and relatives that have fallen away; the tears just came...and this means my nose was running (tis the season). So after a time of prayer, I said "God bless you all, I have to go blow my nose now". Usually (really 99% of the time) two things happen at that point: I turn my mic off at my belt and the sound techs turn the mic off at the control booth. Neither as I walked off stage and blew my came through loud and clear at about 98 decibels for all to hear. I don't care who you are and where you are (church)...that's funny!

Then second hour, we were wrapping up our services with five baptisms (we had one first service and at least 6 at Fuel last night - God is really moving here these days). As i went back to the baptistry area, to get ready, Nicki Green (involvement pastor) decided to open some hatch and shut off the switch to the pump in the baptistry (it is noisy). Well, by the time I got to baptism number five I heard a noticeable gurgling sound. After baptizing this little girl, I noticed what everyone else noticed - the baptistry was draining...we had lost about a foot of water. Apparently Nicki pushed the wrong button and actually caused the baptistry to drain...smooth...and funny.

I'm glad we can laugh at ourselves around here. [This is not to mention that our "angel" for Sunday almost didn't get there because his truck broke down at Hardees (is that a country song in the making or what?)]. It's good to laugh. It's one of my favorite human things to do and I'm so thankful that God made us so that we could. I hope Eastview is continually becoming this place where we can laugh and cry and celebrate and even blow our nose together as Christ makes us that people that he is making us in Christ and by His Spirit.

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