Saturday, December 19, 2009

seven points

On the seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me and seven point Dallas Cowboys win. Here are seven reasons I'm still up the night before I preach watching the Dallas Cowboys.
1. Romo is quietly having a great season and I like him...he's a nice guy.
2. All the prognosticaters and inside guys didn't give them a chance.
3. Marion Barber will run through a wall.
4. Austin Miles is the real deal.
5. We need a new kicker
6. The undefeated Dolphins team from the Shula era are Cowboys fans tonight.
7. Hagios is one the key words for my sermon is translated "consecrate" in Luke 2, but it can be translated "holy" or "saint". As in my Cowboys just beat the New Orleans Hagios.

pretty profound blog don't you think? It's all I've got...see you in church tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Do you think they'll get off Romo's back now? Doubt it. Love Austin Miles. Glad to hear you stayed up to watch it - true fans can get sleep another day.

Tami said...

It's a Christmas Miracle! Struggling Cowboys beat undefeated Saints! I love that the Cowboys made your Christmas blog. And Nick Folk might be the most hated man in Dallas these days. He should go.

Love you guys. Hope you have an amazing Christmas and hope to see you when I'm in town. Merry Christmas.

Just a Normal girl said...

Our Cowboys are awesome! I agree we need a new kicker.