Sunday, December 20, 2009

six pastor smiles

On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, six pastor smiles.
O.K. what's a pastor smile? It is the smile that spread across a pastor's face that just reflects this deep joy that really only a pastor can appreciate. I'm so blessed to be surrounded with so many people who love me and whom I love and to be doing what only God could make happen. Here are my six smiles from this awesome Sunday before Christmas.

1. A couple from our church wrote me a very touching note about how much they love the church and wrote that they wanted me to know that people are listening when I preach. The card was accompanied by a "hippotamus Christmas ornament". I smiled from ear to ear!
2. Eduard from the Dominican Republic shared on our stage this morning about the ministry that he is doing and that we are supporting in a major way. The founder of the ministry he's a part of Brook Brotzman was with him (as well as their wife and kids). This rich reunion brought a smile to my face.
3. Had lunch at Biaggi's with my oldest, his girlfriend and best friend after church. This great time together brought a smile of joy.
4. Had about 45 minutes for a quick nap this afternoon and was awakened by my wife saying, "Mike, look at this snow". Great big beautiful flakes - perfect. I just stood at the window and stared with a glimmer in my eyes and a deep smile.
5. Dinner tonight with two staff members and their spouses...simple get together. Because of one of the hats I often wear in the winter, one of the staff's sons calls me Indiana Jones. He makes me smile.
6. The special by Mark Robinson in church today called "Joseph's lullaby" was a touching rendition of how the earthly father of the Christchild must have felt - I smiled (and yes cried a little) remembering Christmasses long ago when my father's heart beheld baby sons.


Anonymous said...

-i wanted to give mark r. a standing O. it was the perfect song and a brilliant performance.

-makes perfect sense that you were up late on saturday night - i thought you were on a little caffeine buzz during your sermon. you must have needed the extra coffee to keep yourself awake after such a LATE night. ha.

-snow. nuff said. :-)

see you thursday. love ya.

Katie said...

I don't know if Colton just calls you Indiana Jones-I think that he really believes you are Indiana Jones! :)