Monday, April 15, 2013

Abu Dhabi airport

Well, we have arrived safely and are enjoying a very strong americano in an airport cafe'. We basically lost a whole day flying over here. We left Chicago at 8:50 Sunday evening (14th) and landed at 7:30 Monday evening in the United Arab Emirates. I don't know whether to eat a donut or a hamburger. Which time zone should my appetite be in? These are the important mission questions I'm sure Paul and Barnabus contemplated. Met a group of three Christian girls heading to India and then Nepal for a women's conference. Cool to have other Christians on mission in a definitively Muslim world. The flight even began with a prayer for travel safety from the Koran. Never have flown Etihud airlines before, but it was a nice plane. Of course, I tried the lamb for dinner last evening. Short layover here and then to Delhi. Check in again soon.

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