Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Darjeeling church service

It's now around 8:30 Tuesday evening in Darjeeling India, and I barely made it through supper! I was literally falling asleep at the table which is cute when you're a one year old but not so much when the missionary is telling his story! I had to walk around to wake up! We figured it had been 40+ hours of travel with no real opportunity to sleep. We arrived at the hotel (a really cool Indiana Jones type place with palm trees and a courtyard) at 3:30 after the flight from Delhi hoping to catch a quick nap, but Daniel (the missionary who I was falling asleep on later) told us they had changed the church service to the afternoon instead of evening. So we went to church. Here's why I don't listen when Christians complain about music styles - everytime I'm on a mission trip, they don't sing my style (or my language) and the Spirit still moves me! Anyway, I preached through an interpreter and I'm pretty sure he made the sermon much better than it was. There are these times where you say five English words and then the interpreter rambles on for four sentences. Pretty sure he's cleaning it up! Got some tweets about some earthquake supposedly over here? Didn't feel anything, but you know how it is...when I travel there's probably gonna be something! Heading to bed...and I'll probably get up at 3:00 a.m. but at least I'm sleeping in a bed!

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