Monday, April 29, 2013


It is good to be back in Normal and almost normal sleep schedule. I'm fully immersed back into the ministry that God has called me to here, but below I offer some reflections from the India trip - some work the Spirit is doing in my heart as a result: 1. I am praying for Ajai and Indu Lall everyday. Their ministry and vision and impact for Christ is nothing short of amazing and I want to lift them up before the FATHER! 2. How long did it take for the apostle Paul take to recuperate from his missionary journeys that included ships, walking, beatings, jail sentences, riots, writing the Bible, and preaching until midnight! I'll bet getting back into the right sleep schedule was not his main concern. I also think that worship at his home church (Antioch) must have been pure bliss as worshiping with my family at Eastview was for me yesterday. 3. How can I have the evangelistic intensity of someone who might be killed for preaching when no one is really threatening my life? 4. The Bible really is the living Word of God...every nation, every tongue, every life is impacted by preaching of this word. 5. Communion with believers tears down every language, cultural, social, and racial barrier. There is nothing more moving to me in foreign countries than to partake of the body and blood of Jesus. No words necessary - totally equal under God's grace! Our unity is sealed in this worship moment. 6. Preaching in a korte is probably one of the most comfortable things to preach in even if my sons both said I wore a dress to church yesterday. 7. Strategy is not a bad word in church. The ministry of CICM accomplishes much for the kingdom because they really understand prayer and being led by the Spirit....AND they have a strategy for reaching millions with the gospel. Just because God is doing all the work doesn't mean that we can't make a plan. Somehow he uses our ideas for His purpose..don't overthink it, just do it.


Anonymous said...

Hey Pastor Mike! You have some good reflection questions and thoughts flowing! Something sort of spoke to me when i read question 3. "How can I have the evangelistic intensity of someone who might be killed for preaching when no one is really threatening my life?"

Well, yes, no one is really threatening your life. But in a way, the people you are preaching too may be feeling threatened in a way. Let me try to explain...

We have an enemy. I'm sure you are familiar with him. He comes only to steal and kill and destroy. He comes to kill and destroy us. In a way, we are all being threatened.

With me, I have struggled with suicidal thoughts. I believe that is a way of our enemy threatening me. I look forward to church every Sunday, hoping to grasp just a small bit of hope to hold on to.

So, in a way, maybe some of the people you preach to are being threatened. And by allowing Jesus to speak through you to them, they will be saved!

I hope that made a little sense! Maybe it even helped! :)
Much love and peace!

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed following your blog while praying for you and the others during your trip. I don't think I am alone stating I would love to hear more about the ministry, the testimonies of the workers and students. Photos of their faces if possible that we could place the image in our minds when we pray for them. An evening or morning of you and the ministry team sharing your experience and time to corporately pray together.
Thank you for making it a priority to our church to reach out in Christ's love.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being available to go, Mike, and then taking the time to journal through it and come away with inspiring insights/nuggets for us!

Welcome Back!

Mark Dossett

Mike Baker said...

Much more about India to come Anonymous - stories and pictures and a God-sized challenge at Eastview first week of June at all three services!