Sunday, April 14, 2013

Abu Dhabi

Usually, I write a blog on Monday mornings, but I'm getting ready to board an all night flight to a place I've never been, so I thought I'd take a few minutes to update the blog. Tyler Hari, Bill Troyer and Steve Wadhams are my traveling brothers for this trip to India to encourage our ministry partners through CICM and also listen for the Holy Spirit's movement in our hearts and the ministries God may be calling us to join with. By God's grace, I am going to be privileged to speak at the graduation ceremony of the academy in Damoh next Sunday to encourage some guys who really understand Dangerous Witness as they head out to preach the word and plant churches. I will do my best to give regular updates on this trip and hopefully share some cool cultural insights as well as how God is moving in our midst. By the way, I learned in security in conversation with an Indian man that you can't just jump out with I'm going to India to preach about Jesus (don't worry, I didn't), but I did kinda stutter my way through explaining why I was just going to India for seven days for fun! Tyler says he often says he's a teacher or religious teacher. I've decided I'm going to say I'm a translator of ancient sacred languages...unless of course I freeze again! See you on the other side.

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Bob W said...

Mike, will be praying for you guys and following with interest. Thanks to Ancestry and the Internet, I am learning more about my Great-Great Grandfather, who was a missionary with a Swiss/German group in India in the 1850s!