Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Darjeeling students and pastors

Today found us back at the Darjeeling International Bible Academy where about 25 young men are training to be in ministry. I was privileged again to teach these students in a classroom setting. My heart of course is large for preaching and to be able to encourage both the students and about 10 local pastors (by local I mean anywhere from 100 kilometers and in) in their preaching from II timothy 4 was a thrill. After teaching we had opportunity to sit and talk with these pastors through an interpreter. Each of there stories was of incredible family conversion from either Hinduism or Islam and most through miraculous healing in Jesus name! These men are heroes of mine, living out a tough ministry and filled with joy doing it! After the pastors, we got to meet each of the students and here their stories of how they became students at the college. Some are born in Nepal and Bhutan and heading back there to do ministry! I heard over 25 stories today of God's grace and work of salvation in the lives of people. A great reminder that God is the God of testimonies. He is working all over this globe! One last thing to share, one of the pastors taught me how to say "God bless you in Nepalese" - say it with me: Pravu tapailai ashish diyun. He blesses in any language!

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