Monday, April 15, 2013


Well, we arrived in Delhi at 3:30 a.m. local time and were greeted with traditional flower necklaces (think Hawaiian leis, but bulkier and roses) by some local pastors and some guys that work at CICM. Rai and Daniel seem to be the main leaders. Since we have about 9 hours until our next flight to Darjeeling, they drove us to a YWCA in Delhi to grab some shut eye for a few hours, a quick breakfast and then back to the airport. Initial impressions - the air quality here is really bad (I've been to Mexico City and I think it's worse) - looks like a smoky haze everywhere. Also, the pastors here are real servants. Everyone is in good health and good spirits thus far...just don't feel like sleeping at this point. Crazy how the body clock rules everything else. I'm going to try and write some and then read until I get sleepy. Hope that works.

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GO Prayer Team said...

Remind me to ask Tyler where my flower necklace was when I went to India with him! Praying for you guys! See all that He has for you to see! May you be completely overwhelmed and ruined over the lostness that surrounds you!